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Pakistan raises issue of "terrorists' sanctuaries" with Afghan officials

July 3 2014-


Pakistani army on Thursday raised with top Afghan defense and intelligence officials the issue of " terrorists' sanctuaries" in eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan and attacks on Pakistani border villages and posts from those sanctuaries.
Senior Pakistani and Afghan military officials met in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi and discussed important security issues, with special focus on the border management and cooperation in Pakistan's current major military operation in North Waziristan tribal region.
"The issue of cross-border shelling also came under discussion.


The Afghan delegation was told that Pakistan only fires back in self-defense when Pakistani border posts are physically attacked or fired upon by terrorists from Afghan territory and no indiscriminate firing is carried out," a Pakistani military statement said.
Both sides agreed to build further trust, continue to talk under all circumstances and evolve a robust and effective bilateral border coordination mechanism.
The Afghan military delegation, led by Major Gen. Afzal Aman, Director General Military Operation (DGMO), includes representatives from the Afghan National Security Council (NSC), Afghan military intelligence and Afghan border police.
The Pakistani side was headed by Major Gen. Aamer Riaz, DGMO of the Pakistan Army, which gave a detailed briefing on the border coordination mechanism.
There was no word from the Afghan side about the meeting seen as very important at a time when Islamabad is anxious to seek Afghan cooperation to boost security on the border to stop fleeing militants from crossing the border.