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Insurgency Attacks to Restrict Airline Activities in Kabul

05 July 2014
Officials of the Association of Afghan Airlines expressed their concerns over Thursday's missile attack on the military airport, the northern part of Kabul International Airport.
The officials said that the continuation of such attacks will restrict the activities of international airlines in Kabul. The government has to provide security for the airplanes.
"All airline companies are worried," the chairman of the Association of Afghan Airlines, Farid Paikar, said. "When insecurities increase, the cost of the insurance goes up. We are required to buy the services." The Director of Kabul Airport, Mohammad Yaqoob Rasouli, said "insecurities in Kabul Airport are concerning for everyone, for us, for passengers and the airline companies as well."
It is said that 20 foreign cargo airlines and 10 passenger airlines including Fly Dubai, Turkish Airline and Emirates are active at the Kabul airport.