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Deficiencies in Government Structures


08 October 2014
Political analysts believe that the new government will confront serious challenges if deficiencies in the ministries and government structures are not taken care of soon. "The main issue is lack of monitoring," MP Sher Wali Wardak said. "The new government must get the capability to deal effectively with the institutions that are not working properly."
Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives failed to conduct its session due to the large absence of MPs. The session was wasted despite the presence of a number of journalists to cover the meeting. The legislators who were present left shortly after.
"Majority of them [MPs] are on foreign trips," Kabul MP Zekriya Barakzai said. "At a time like this that a new cabinet will be formed, the presence of lawmakers is very important."
Such shortcomings in the ministries and other government structures have left negative impacts on people who are fed up with the bureaucracy. Analysts stress that at a crucial time like this and to attain self-sufficiency, Afghanistan needs more jobs and hard work and fewer holidays.