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Taliban Fighters Paid 4,000 AFS Per Day

08 September 2014
Helmand Police Chief Juma Gul Hemat has claimed that each Taliban fighter is paid 4,000 AFS per day, amounting to salaries much higher than those paid to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). “The Pakistani government pays an amount of 4,000 AFS per day to the Taliban insurgents who fight against the ANSF,” Hemat told media. Hemat added that the Taliban fighters have the support of other regional countries, particularly the Arab states, in addition to Pakistan.
“Regional countries clearly support the Taliban fighters," he said. “Since the past three months, the security forces have been confronting the Taliban in Musa Qala, Sangeen, Nawah, Nad-e-Ali and Marjah districts. We have dispatched reinforcements to these areas to support the security forces."