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Foreign and Afghan Joint Military Operation to Begin in Helmand

08 October 2014
Helmand officials said that a joint Afghan and foreign military operation will be initiated in the next few days to rid the province of local and foreign Taliban and insurgents. This will be the first joint military operation since early 2014 and in preparation for the mission Helmand's governor and provincial head of security request that foreign air support be used because many routes to districts, such as Sangin, have been planted with mines.
"To successfully conduct this big military operation in Helmand, especially in Sangin district, a delegation from Kabul arrived to Lashkar Gah—capital of Helmand—to discuss the operation," Juma Gul Hemat, provincial head of security, said, adding that the delegation has agreed to the use of foreign air support. Mohammad Naeem, acting governor of Helmand, said that air force must be used as routes to Sangin have been infested with mines.
"Taliban have planted mines in most parts of Sangin and the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) cannot recapture the area because of that," Naeem explained. "I request that foreign air support be used."