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Money on War Against Drug Wasted

03 August, 2014

In a recent report, the United States Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said that an amount of $7.6 billion was allocated to fight the war against drug in Afghanistan, but the outcome of the invested amount proved negative and questionable. 

According to the officials responsible for the initiative, poppy cultivation has increased making the fight against drugs more difficult than before; although the question remains where and how the $7.6 billion was allocated. 

"Certainly, the amount given to eradicate the war on drugs is less than the amount profited from drug smuggling," Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics Ibrahimi Azhar said. "More money shouldn't have been spent, but most of the money was spent by the foreigners and we received fewer amounts to be used against poppy cultivation." 

In a country where security remains as one of the major challenges, drug smuggling has interacted as a cause for security threats. It is said that nearly 1.5 million people in Afghanistan are affiliated with the drug production. 

Based on the statistics, over the last year 209,000 hectares of poppy was cultivated in Afghanistan. The price of Afghan drug is estimated to be $1.5 billion, but the trade of drugs in the international markets is much higher and is estimated to be $60 billion. 

A total of $1.2 billion goes into the pockets of the farmers who cultivate the drugs, $2.2 billion goes into the account of the national drug mafia and $450 million goes to the pockets of the Taliban. 

Despite the presence of international forces in the country the war against drugs has not been eliminated. Ground realities show that the removal of the issue will take time and firm political commitment and determination to eradicate the war on drugs.